Josh Lowenstein
Owner Crawlertech4x4
Josh started Crawlertech in 2004 with the thought of building bad ass jeeps by hand, with basic hand tools grinders and welders. As time went on Plasma cutters, band saws, Scotchman Iron Worker, Mill and Lathe and benders of all types were listed amongst the CT assets. Design and Engineering has come from Josh's mind and experience of 35+ years (now) in the industry.. Many hundreds of jeeps lifted and geared have come through our doors and we are grateful for all of them.
But a few jeeps have been huge in every respect of the word, Kendal TJ was super cool.
Dan's TJ and Buggy took on many incarnations and introduced the CT boatsides and many other inovations.
Luke's RockCharger YJ has been under Josh's wing in creation years before Crawlertech existed, Craig's Elmo is with front 16" King CoilOvers is way flexier now.
Kevin's "Stinger" was our longest build 114" wheelbase LOL, but the most innovative to date. Jason's S10 was out there, but came out great and has wheeled some of Moab's most famous obstacles
 Luke's YJ and Kevin's TJ became Crawl Mag Features.
Josh has been in the automotive industry for 35 years, 30 years as a jeep tech.
Josh purchased Crane Hi Clearance in 2006 and sold it in 2014 to Adam Woodlee.
Josh raised CHC from bankruptcy to international recognition in 8 years..
About us.
Our 45 ton Scotchman IronWorker Punch, Shear and Press Brake.